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Diverse Kindergarten

Bootheel Pediatric Therapy

Your child is unique. Bootheel Pediatric Therapy understands that and is here to help guide you along your child's developmental journey. Through guided practices, play, and fun exercises, speech language pathologist Belinda Worley helps your child find his/her own voice on their own time. 

What We Do

Curious about some of the services that Belinda offers? Take a look below and click the links to learn more!

Speech & Language Services

Whether your child is in need of speech therapy intervention or just a little guidance, Certified Speech & Language Pathologist Belinda Worley works towards building your child's communication skills from the ground up. Your child is unique, Belinda helps them find their voice. 

Autism Rocks


Created by Belinda Worley, Autism Rocks is an educational program created with educators, therapists and parents in mind. Countless people around the country have learned critical skills for working with students on the Autism spectrum. Prepare those who work with children on the autism spectrum with this unique continuing education opportunity. 

An Autism Journey of Hope

Parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists- everyone can learn from Belinda Worley's personal experiences as an autism advocate and the mother of a beautiful daughter on the autism spectrum. Belinda's book is exactly as titled: filled with hope and guidance for those also navigating an autism diagnosis. 


“Belinda started working with Jonah when he was around 18 months old.  At that time, he was mainly humming and would not open his mouth to make sounds. He required intense therapy and Belinda was exactly who he needed! He loved his "play" time with Mrs. Belinda, and she made sure he had lots of sensory input during their sessions. He was growing by leaps and bounds. She was instrumental in helping us get him evaluated for autism. With lots of therapy and time, the words started flowing.  During our time with Belinda, our Gideon was born. Gideon's Down syndrome diagnosis surprised us all. She was with us every step or the way and helped get us on the right track for his therapy. She is more than a speech therapist to us. She is an important part of our family, and continues to go out of her way to help our boys any time they need it.  She helped our boy find his voice, and we will forever be thankful for her expertise and friendship. ”

Sharon P.

Registered Nurse

About Belinda Worley, MS-SLP-CCC

Belinda Worley is a mother, speech language pathologist, and business owner of Bootheel Pediatric Therapy LLC in southeastern Missouri. She has been in practice since 2000 providing speech and language therapy to children with communication delays. She travels all across the United States as an autism awareness public speaker and offers training for educators, teachers, therapists, and parents on strategies for working with children with an autism diagnosis. Her hobbies include reading, spending time on the lake, volunteer work, traveling, and being with family and friends. Belinda has earned her undergraduate and Masters Degree from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. She lives in Dexter, Missouri with her husband Ben and daughter Emma Kate. 

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